Panhellenic School Theater Competition (Ministry of Education)

“The Billy - Club Puppets” by F. - G. Lorca 2002
“The Wasps” by Aristophanes 2001
“Fausta” by Bost 2005
“Fausta” by Bost 2005
“Erotokritos” by V. Cornaros 2003
“The Billy - Club Puppets” by F. - G. Lorca 2002
“The Wasps” by Aristophanes 2001
“The Caucasian Chalk Circle” by B. Brecht 2000
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by W. Shakespeare 1998
“Ornithes” by Aristophanes 2006
“The Myth of the House of Atreus according to Eurepides” by N. Chourmouziadis 2002
“The Little Prince” by A. de Saint Exupéry 1999
“Von Dimitrakis” by D. Psathas 1996


Panhellenic Art Competitions

“His Life’s Only Journey” by G. Vizyenos  2015


“Leonis” by G. Theotokas  2017


“Let’s go to the Cinema” Film competition (Ministries of Culture and Education)


Panhellenic Art Competitions

“The Walk,” Video, 2016

"Mute", Video, 2017
“Lights camera reaction,” Video, 2015

2nd International Student Short Film Competition:  “One Planet…One Chance”


Visual Arts

Pan - European School Competition “Development Youth Prize”

A. Zachariadis 2005


I. Legmpelos 2006

National Artistic Competition “OIKADE”
Under the Patronage of the Ministries of Education of Greece and Cyrpus

S. - A. David 2013
E. Fesatidou 2012, 2011

International Painting Biennale for Children
Art Museum and Academy for Children

M. - E. Transvalidou 2016
E. Gerothanasi 2016
V. Chaidas 2009


D. Zachariadou 2006
E. Karyofylli 2006
I. Dellios 2006


M. - N. Ivanovits 2013
L. Paschalidis 2006
1st place for Greece S. Mavrova (5th grade)
3rd place D. Giannou (5th grade)


UNICEF Sensitization Program
“Children Write and Paint their Rights”

1st place nationally 2nd grade, B4


1st place nationally  2nd grade, B3

National Sketching Competition

1st place L. Pentousi (6th grade)


Painting the Russian Avant - Garde

1st place in the 1st - 3rd grade category D. Siagkri
2nd place in the 4th - 6th grade category M. Tranou
3rd place in the 1st - 3rd grade category E. Konstantinidi
Audience Award by Facebook vote D. Siagkri
Award by the Russian Center of Thessaloniki V. Pavlidis


Panhellenic Painting Competitions

L. Loukas 2008

D. Zachariadou 2008
A. Papadopoulos 2008


2nd Panhellenic Drawing Competition "My School's History,"
Educational Radio-Television Service of the Ministry of Education and the EKEDISY

D. - E. Triantafyllidou 2015


Panhellenic Art Competitions


C. Tampou 2017
A. Zevgaridou 2017
E. Gerothanasi 2016



Panhellenic Art Competitions

A. Symeonidou Poetry, 2017
F. - I. Sytilidis Poetry, 2016
K. - A. Zagri Poetry, 2017
E. Gerothanasi Poetry, 2016
S. Zafeiriadis Poetry, 2016
A. - R. Spyropoulou Poetry, 2015


I. Sakaloglou Poetry, 2017
I. - M. Arnold - Ambrosiadis Poetry, 2015

World Student Contest of Creative Expression in French

C. Tasiouka 2005



Panhellenic Student Artistic Competitions (Ministry of Education)

Orchestra 2004, 2001, 1998
F. Miliadis, violin soloist 2000
E. Papatzikis, violin soloist, classical music 1996
E. Miliadi, cello soloist, classical music 1996
Orchestra 2003, 1996
Orchestra 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996
A. Fryda, flute soloist 1999
E. Miliadi, cello soloist 1997
Choir, Folk Greek Songs 2007


Orchestra 2008
V. Papadopoulou, violin solist 2001, 2000, 1997
K. Sisinni, Greek Song 2004
Choir 2008, 2007, 2004

Panhellenic Art Competitions

Music 2016, 2015


Music 2017

International Youth Musical Festivals

Orchestra and Choir (ensemble) Belgium, 2009
Orchestra and Choir (ensemble) The Czech Republic, 2008


Musical Composition Competition (Ministry of Education)

E. Kouimtzi 2004

Competition on the Composition of an Opera Libretto

R. Ketsetsidis 2011


1st Panhellenic Piano Competition

3rd place A. Archontis (2nd grade)



M. - S. Christodoulaki 2017


S. Piperidis 2016