Asperger’s syndrome, sometimes called nerd syndrome, is a neurological disorder categorized under the umbrella of autistic spectrum disorders.
Asperger’s syndrome has become a controversial diagnosis to describe children exhibiting various difficulties with social behavior. Like autism it affects an individual’s ability to successfully interact with others.More

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Your child is an individual and different from all others. The way your child learns best depends on many factors: age, learning style and personality. Read the notes below, and think about your child. This will help you to choose activities and methods that will suit your child best.More

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The college admissions scandal may seem like an extreme case that only pertains to wealthy elites with the means to bribe their children’s way into top universities. But it touches on the pressured feelings almost all parents and students feel today.More

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On a recent afternoon, the Gazette sat down with Ronald Ferguson, an MIT-trained economist who has been teaching public policy for more than three decades at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), to talk about the new book he and journalist Tatsha Robertson have written on how parenting styles shape children’s success.More

Source: Harvard gazette
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Astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole, which is located in a distant galaxy. It measures 40 billion km across – three million times the size of the Earth – and has been described by scientists as «a monster». The black hole is 500 million trillion km away and was photographed by a network of eight telescopes across the world.More