Few psychological conditions have generated more discussion in recent years than attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Yet, people continue to harbor many mistaken beliefs about it. Read on to learn the truth about ADHD.More

Photograph: Sofia Garza

When Albert Einstein was a child, few people—if any—anticipated the remarkable contributions he would make to science. His language development was delayed, worrying his parents to the point of consulting a doctor. His sister once confessed that Einstein “had such difficulty with language that those around him feared he would never learn.” How did this child go from potential developmental delays to becoming, well, Einstein?More

Photograph: kjpargeter

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) brings with it feelings like anxiety, stress and uncertainty — and they are felt especially strongly by children of all ages. Though all children deal with such emotions in different ways, if your child has been faced with school closures, cancelled events or separation from friends, they are going to need to feel loved and supported now more than ever.More

Photograph: Gustavo Fring