Fear of the ‘Momo Challenge’ is rising amid unsubstantiated warnings that the so-called ‘suicide game’ could appear in the middle of programmes like Peppa Pig on YouTube Kids.
While YouTube insists it has not received “any recent evidence” about the existence or promotion of the disturbing ‘game’ – which is characterised by the image of a black-haired, bug-eyed woman with grotesquely-distorted features –reports are growing that sites used to watch kids’ TV are being hacked.More

Photograph: Mohamed Abdelgaffar

Most parenting mistakes are usually made for the sake of love. Parents may often think that they’re helping their children to develop and grow (sometimes even through punishment). But the long-term results in the form of depression, anxiety, or cancer, for example, show that something went wrong back there. But if you recognize what you are doing wrong, there is still a chance to raise a new generation of wise and happy people.More

Photograph: Janko Ferlic

Asperger’s syndrome, sometimes called nerd syndrome, is a neurological disorder categorized under the umbrella of autistic spectrum disorders.
Asperger’s syndrome has become a controversial diagnosis to describe children exhibiting various difficulties with social behavior. Like autism it affects an individual’s ability to successfully interact with others.More

Photograph: Nguyen Nguyen

Your child is an individual and different from all others. The way your child learns best depends on many factors: age, learning style and personality. Read the notes below, and think about your child. This will help you to choose activities and methods that will suit your child best.More

Photograph: Victoria Borodinova

The college admissions scandal may seem like an extreme case that only pertains to wealthy elites with the means to bribe their children’s way into top universities. But it touches on the pressured feelings almost all parents and students feel today.More

Photograph: Sayantan Kundu