Back in high school, one of my teachers posed a question about what we thought might be the last item most Americans had read. This was in pre-smartphone days, so our guesses went from books to newspapers to magazines to the comics section to the titles at the bottom of the nightly news.More

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Every teacher will encounter students with disruptive behaviour ­– it is one of the major causes of classroom conflict and teacher burnout.
Although it is difficult to form successful relationships with students when interactions frequently involve reprimands and disciplinary action, some teachers do experience close relationships with disruptive students. More


Educational psychologist Dr Benjamin Bloom wanted to understand how people learn. So in 1965 he and his colleagues created Bloom’s taxonomy: a system for identifying, understanding and addressing learning. They came up with a system that’s composed of two elements: thinking and the ability to apply knowledge, and then feelings and emotions.More

Happiness is important to us, and most parents report that they want their children to be happy. Despite the desire and effort, only about a third of American’s report that they’re happy. This may not be terribly surprising, given our confusion about happiness.Περισσότερα

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Charities say parental guidance about scary-doll challenges may have worsened issue.
A private company that provides schools with internet safety material has insisted it behaved responsibility by issuing factsheets on the Momo challenge hoax, despite concerns it may have exacerbated the panic surrounding the issue.More


While it’s clearly important to supervise your children’s diet, the trick is to be as covert about it as possible.
Preschool children are notoriously picky eaters. I am surprised that no one has written a follow up to Go the Fuck to Sleep entitled Shut Up and Eat your Effing Dinner, you Ungrateful Little Parasite. More