International Student Conference: G. Vizyenos: The Road to Istanbul

G. Vizyenos: The Road to Istanbul
March 12th - 15th 2015, Istanbul

The 4th International Student Conference "G. Vizyenos: The Road to Istanbul," organized by Mandoulides Schools of Thessaloniki and Zografeio Lykeio of Istanbul under the auspices of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, was held with great success at Zografeio Lykeio. The number of participants exceeded all expectations. About 300 students and teachers of 16 public and private schools from Greece, Cyprus and Istanbul met with literary scholars, writers, actors, and journalists in a unique and rare collaboration in honor of our great poet and novelist G. Vizyenos.

The tragic life and the multifaceted work of G. Vizyenos emerged through the students' innovative ideas and actions, the lectures of literary experts and the discussions held. Participants followed G. Vizyenos’s long life journey from Vizyi to Istanbul, to Cyprus, to the major capitals of Europe until his tragic death in Athens. The theme of the conference was multifaceted and highly interesting. Particular reference was made to the routes Vizyenos followed; issues related to his poetry, prose, and techniques; and the importance of his psychoanalytic and ideological interpretations. The use of satire in his work and his views on language were analyzed and discussed while his theoretical thinking and unique literary language were also approached.