Infinite Racing: World Champions in the "F1 in Schools 2016" competition

The Infinite Racing team of Mandoulides Schools won the international "F1 in Schools" competition, in Austin, Texas, USA and are now World Champions.

We congratulate the members of the team, Kyriakos Theofanidis (11th Grade), Charalampos Kalfas (12th Grade), Vasileia Niavi (2016 graduate, student at the department of Mechanical Engineering of AUTH), Stylianos Mavromatis (11th Grade), Angeliki Samara (10th Grade), the coordinating teacher Ioannis Daoudakis and everyone else who contributed to the success of the team.


Award World Champions
Award Pressure Challenge Award
Award Knock-out Competition Winner
Award Team Website Award
Award The Enterprise Portofolio Award
Award Best Engineered Car Award

See the presentation of the award here
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Final Ranking/Scores (TOP-10)

1 Infinite Racing Greece 852.3
2 Infinitude Australia 837.8
3 Endeavour Germany 770.5
4 Enigma UK United Kingdom 725.7
5 Sixth Degree England 712.9
6 Knight Hawks United Arab Emirates 705.4
7 Aeolus Racing Greece 700.6
8 Team ZERO Australia 680.2
9 Airy Eagles Austria 667.5
10 Supermac's Racing Ireland 660.7

See the path to Victory (Videos):

Day 1 Speed Racing Infinite Racing (Greece) vs Lobos Racing (Mexico) 4 - 0
Day 2 Pit Interviews
Reaction Racing Infinite Racing (Greece) vs Aeolus Racing (Greece) 3 -1
Day 3 Knock-out Competition Round 2 - Infinite Racing (Greece) vs The Knight Hawks (United Arab Emirates) 2 - 0

Quarter Finals - Infinite Racing (Greece) vs Supermac’s Racing (Ireland) 2 - 0

Semi Finals - Infinite Racing (Greece) vs Fast Payce (Australia) 2 - 0

Day 4 Knock-out Competition Final - Infinite Racing (Greece) vs Aeolus Racing (Greece) 2 - 0

Awards and Final Scores
of all teams.