Participation in the competition "FIRST LEGO LEAGUE"

The first participation of Mandoulides Elementary in the educational robotics, research and innovation competition "FIRST LEGO LEAGUE" met with two distinctions.

Team D.A.R.T. (Digitally Advanced Robotics Team), consisting of students of the 6th Grade, ranked third in the robot programming category.

Team i-bots pro, consisting of students of the 5th Grade, was honored by the judges of the contest with the "Rising Star" award.

i-bots pro (5th Grade): Ε. Stini, C. Vassaras, Ε. Adamou, Κ. Papadopoulos, C. Kyriakidis, Ε. - Ν. Chourdaki, T. Leventi, Ε. Saravella, D. Mavromatidis and V. Kougianos
D.A.R.T. (6th Grade): Μ. Bellis, Α. Diamelas, Μ. - Α. Mavroudi, G. Asteriadis, Μ. Tampou, C. Gkini, D. Gkanatsas, Ε. Farmakis, T. Mitragkas and Μ. - L. Szamosi - Kalligkatsi.


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