Success Stories

Experiential School Vocational Guidance

The students of 9th - 11th Grade who attended the Meeting on Experiential School Vocational Guidance, entitled "Success Stories", had the opportunity to be informed on the prospects of the new work landscape, the connection of labor market with knowledge and the requirements of their educational and professional future.

Fani Athanasiadou, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine, AUTh, Director of the Department of Pediatrics at European Interbalkan Medical Center, Vangelis Gerovasiliou, Winemaker, Founder of the Gerovassiliou Estate, and Panagiotis Kouvrakis, Founding Member of BETA CAE Systems presented their personal approach to scientific and business recognition and their view of how the modern landscape of university and business is shaped. The common conviction of all the speakers was that love must be the main criterion for choosing a profession. Students will guarantee a professional future as long as they follow their dreams and satisfy the needs of their soul.During the event, students submitted questions and expressed their own views on the thorny issue of vocational guidance.

The event was greeted by Aikaterini Mandoulidou, Mandoulides Schools CEO, who referred to the vision and the professional course of the founder of Mandoulides Schools, while Aspa Hasioti, Mandoulides Schools General Director, spoke about the experiential vocational guidance programs implemented at the Schools.

The event was co-ordinated by Kostas Bliatkas, Journalist, Writer.