Singing with Kostas Makedonas

The students of 6th Grade experienced unforgettable moments in our four-day trip to Athens from 25 to 28 March. Our 6th graders, along with students from Zografeio Lykeio, joined distinguished Thessalonian singer Kostas Makedonas and his six-member orchestra, who responded immediately to their invitation, and gave an admirable musical performance in the theater of Athens College - Psychiko College, which fascinated and touched the audience who watched it with enthusiasm.

Parents, relatives and friends rewarded the children with their warmest applause, congratulating all those who contributed to this excellent result, which once again confirmed that will and passion can make a dream come true! Despite their young age, the students demonstrated their professionalism and, guided by Mr. I. Polymeneris and Mrs. E. Theodoridou, received the best reviews, especially from Mr. Makedonas himself for their excellent cooperation.

The event was introduced by Mandoulides Schools CEO Mrs. A. Mantoulidou, General Director Mrs. A. Hasiotis and the principal of Zografeio Lykeio Mr. I. Demirtzoglou, who, among other things, emphasized the importance of such collaborations that contribute to the strengthening of Hellenism of Istanbul and thanked all the supporters for similar initiatives, but above all the students’ parents, who expressed their support and love with their presence.

Mrs. Sissy Pavlopoulou addressed the event on behalf of the Panhellenic Women's Organization "PANATHINAIKI" (Neo Psychiko department), with the courtesy of which, the event, aimed at strengthening the work and actions of Zografeio Lykeio, the historic school of Istanbul, took place.

Finally, as part of this educational trip, the children visited Syntagma Square, sat on the Hellenic Parliament benches after having been taken on a very interesting and detailed tour around it, admired the Acropolis Museum, climbed the Sacred Rock, saw the Zappeion Palace, enjoyed the Kallimarmaro Stadium and walked around the picturesque Plaka, Thisio and the National Garden, thus combining their visit with an interesting kind of experiential teaching.

With their classmates and teachers, they shared beautiful moments, images, feelings and smiles, and filled their minds, but mostly their hearts with indelible, beloved memories.

Photos from the event