1st place in the Soccer Games for Elementary Schools of Eastern Thessaloniki

The soccer team of Mandoulides Elementary came 1st in their group in the School soccer games for elementary schools of Eastern Thessaloniki, which took place on Monday, June 4 in PLANET football pitches. The team was composed by students S. Birdas, Th. Papavramidis, G. Michalakis, S. Panikidis, N. Touma, S. Papageorgiou, P. Karagiorgos, A. Panagopoulos, I. - P. Kempapidis, T. Charisopoulos, M. Gkeleris, A. Fidanis, K. Chrysikos - Konstantoudakis, D. Karkos, P. Ploumis.