Exceptional Success at Harvard University (USA) and University of Cambridge (UK)

We warmly congratulate Mandoulides Schools 12th Grade student Rafail Tsiamis on getting admitted to Harvard University (Early Action with $62.480 per year scholarship, for 4 years) and to University of Cambridge (Trinity College) to study Mathematics.

He has also been accepted to California Institute of Technology - Caltech, Cornell University, Princeton University ($54.490 per year scholarship, for 4 years), University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College, London, University of Leeds and University of Bristol.

Later this year, Rafail will be a Harvard University student.

The student attended the Studies Abroad program, which prepares Senior High School students for their admission to universities of the USA and Europe without International Baccalaureate (IB).

It is worth noting that the student has excelled in:

  • The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)
    2017: Silver medal
    2016: Bronze medal
  • In the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (BMO)
    2017: Silver medal
    2016: Silver medal
  • The Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (JBMO)
    2015: Gold Medal
    2014: Silver medal
  • The National Mathematical Olympiad of the Hellenic Mathematical Society
    2018: Gold Medal
    2017: Silver medal
    2016: Gold Medal
    2015: Gold Medal
    2014: Gold Medal
  • The International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA)
    2017: Honorable mention
  • The Panhellenic Astronomy - Space Competition "PTOLEMY"
    2017: First place
    2016: Third place
    2015: Third place