Welcome ceremony for students of 7th Grade and new students of 8th - 12th Grade

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, the welcome ceremony for parents and students of 7th Grade was held at Mandoulides Schools Cultural and Sports Center.

The purpose of the event was to acquaint students with their classmates and teachers as well as to inform them about the “Rules of Procedure” of the Schools and the curriculum.

Mrs. Myrto Marinou, psychiatrist – psychotherapist and associate of the Schools, informed parents and students on the transition from primary to secondary education and analyzed ways in which problems that may arise can be addressed.

In addition, on Monday, September 10, the General Director of the Schools, Mrs. Aspa Hasioti welcomed the new students of 8th – 12th Grade, she introduced them to their new teachers and advisors and informed them on the operation of their new school. The students were then guided around the school grounds.

Particular emphasis was placed on the presentation of the “Erasmus+” program, in which our school participates in partnership with schools in Cyprus, Poland, Lithuania and Romania. The title of the project that the students of all participating schools are asked to complete is: “FuturEU students as transmitters of cultural heritage”. The program will be attended by students of Junior High School and will be held in English.