Elementary School Induction Meetings

On Monday, 17 and 24 September 2018, Mandoulides Schools held two Elementary School Induction Meetings at the Cultural and Sports Center of the Schools. During the meetings, parents and guardians of elementary school students had the opportunity to be informed about the extended and enriched curriculums of Grades 1 - 5 and met their children’s teachers.

Dr. A. Hasioti, General Director of the Schools, made a reference to the role of the school in shaping the personality of the children and extended a cordial welcome to both new and older students, wishing them a creative year full of dreams and success.

The Principal of Elementary School, Mr. G. Hatzopoulos, welcomed all parents and expressed his strong belief in an honest cooperation between parents and teachers throughout the school year.

Finally, Dr. M. Tsitiridou, Academic and Pedagogical Director of Preschool and Primary Education, focused on the ways in which parents can help smooth their children’s transition from one grade to the next while at the same time she presented her suggestions for a truly constructive year aiming at the progress and development of students of all ages.