Python Bootcamp: Introduction to Python3 Programming


As part of their educational actions, Mandoulides Schools are holding Python Bootcamp to attract the students' interest in Programming and Algorithmic Thinking using the Python language.

More specifically, from 29 October, 2018 to 8 February, 2019, as part of the Computer Science course, elementary school students will be able to participate in Python Bootcamp: Introduction to Python3 Programming.

During these 12 weeks, students will learn the basic principles and structures of Python programming, they will solve problems and they will develop their algorithmic and computational thinking.

Upon completion of the program, a student assessment will follow, which will include a written test on the syllabus (individual assessment). All students of 6th Grade will be presented with a certificate of participation in the program and the top ten will be awarded and take part in the final competition, which will take place at Mandoulides Cultural and Sports Center. The final will include speeches by Programming professionals, as well as prizes for the top three students.