Skype-a-Thon: 10,700 kilometers for a charity campaign


Skype-a-Thon, a global learning event organized by the Microsoft community, was attended by the students of Mandoulides Schools.

Skype-a-Thon lasted for 48 hours and its aim was to cover all the miles that students around the world virtually traveled to help raise funds towards the improvement of the quality of education for more than 35,000 children in need.

Our young and older students played the Mystery Skype game and, with the help of their geographic knowledge, discovered the location of the class with which they were linked. Our Earth got smaller, there were no borders any longer and our little students were able to work with peers from Cyprus, France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Finland. They exchanged views, got to know each other and created bonds, thus envisioning a world where people will care for one another and live in peace. In total, they were able to collect 10,700 kilometers and thus contribute to the big charity campaign of Microsoft.