“Schools for Parents” at Mandoulides Schools


On Wednesday, 14 November, 2018, the first experiential workshop entitled “Communication means Learning” took place as part of the “Schools for Parents” program.

Special scientists and associates of the schools discussed with our students’ parents and teachers issues related to the effective management of particular behaviors of children and adolescents, relationships and communication within the family, socialization, nutrition, addictions, the reinforcement of children and adolescents with values ​​and goods that will contribute to their smooth integration into society and the digital age.

More specifically, the topics discussed were as follows:

Depression in adolescence. Causes and treatment
Alexandros Gerontidis, Clinical Psychologist

“No” is a meaningful sentence
Damianos Douitsis, Rehabilitation Counselor and President of OASIS (Support Center for Addicted People)
Despina Ekizidou, Mental Health Counselor

Emotion-regulation skills in preschool and early school age
Olga Zikopoulou, Psychologist, PhD, MSc

Eating disorders
Myrto Marinou, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Communication and modern challenges in human relationships
Elena Patila, Psychologist, Family Counseling & Treatment