Our students’ distinctions in international universities (2018 - 2019)


The results of admission to international universities for school year 2018 - 2019.

Our 12th Grade students that have been admitted are:


University Full name Scholarship
New York University Κ. Koutroulis $10.580 per year, for 4 years
University of Richmond G. Gkyzis
Pratt Institute A. Skenderis $20.000 per year, for 4 years
Savannah College of Art and Design A. Skenderis $20.000 per year, for 4 years
University of Miami A. Skenderis $50.180 per year, for 4 years
Syracuse University A. Skenderis $30.000 per year, for 4 years
Illinois Institute of Technology A. Skenderis $30.000 per year, for 4 years
Seton Hall University P. Andreadis $27.500 per year, for 4 years
Florida Institute of Technology Κ. Koutroulis $12.500 per year, for 4 years


Πανεπιστήμιο Ονοματεπώνυμο Scholarship
McGill University Κ. Koutroulis $ 19.000



University Full name
Durham University Κ. Koutroulis
Lancaster University A. Papadopoulou, Α. Spiliopoulos, V. Triantafyllou
Loughborough University Ε. Tsouroukidou
University of Leeds Ε. Tsouroukidou
University of Birmingham Ο. Ploiaridis, Ε. Tsouroukidou
University of Bristol Κ. Koutroulis, Ο. Ploiaridis
University of York N. Symeonidou
University of Nottingham Α. Spiliopoulos
University of Surrey Α. - Κ. Bourouti, A. Papadopoulou, Α. Spiliopoulos, Ε. Tsouroukidou
University of Sheffield A. Skenderis, Α. Spiliopoulos, V. Triantafyllou
University of Essex  Κ. Zisis, V. Mandalianou, Ν. Chrysikos Konstantoudakis,
University of Dundee G. Megremis, V. Triantafyllou
University of Manchester  D. Mesochoriti, Α. - Κ. Bourouti, Ν. Chrysikos Konstantoudakis
Newcastle University  A. Skenderis, N. Symeonidou, Ε. Tsouroukidou, Ν. Chrysikos Konstantoudakis
University of Sussex Κ. Zisis, V. Mandalianou, A. Papadopoulou, N. Symeonidou, V. Triantafillou, Ν. Chrysikos Konstantoudakis
Royal Holloway, University of London V. Polychronidou, Α. Samara
University of Southampton Α. - Κ. Bourouti, Ο. Ploiaridis, A. Spiliopoulos
University of Kent A. Papadopoulou
Cardiff  University A. Skenderis, N. Symeonidou
University of Strathclyde A. Skenderis
Queen Mary University of London Κ. Zisis, A. Samara, N. Tosounidis
University of Buckingham Α. Samara
University of Lincoln N. Symeonidou
University of the West of England, Bristol G. Megremis, D. Mesochoriti
Brunel University London G. Megremis, V. Polychronidou
Sheffield Hallam University G. Megremis
City University of London Α. Samara
Oxford Brookes University D. Mesochoriti
Cardiff Metropolitan University G. Megremis
University of the West of Scotland V. Mandalianou
Birmingham City University A. Papadopoulou
London South Bank University A. Samara
University of Westminster, London V. Polychronidou
Glasgow Caledonian University V. Mandalianou
University of Brighton V. Mandalianou, D. Mesochoriti
Kingston University V. Polychronidou
London Metropolitan University V. Polychronidou


University Full name
Aix Marseille Université A. Papadopoulou
Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès A. Papadopoulou


University Full name Scholarship
Bocconi University G. Gkyzis 50% in Tuition Fees & Accommodation


University Full name
University of Amsterdam V. Papaikonomou, Th. Fesatidou
University of Groningen K. Apostolidis, V. Mandalianou, A. Papadoloulou, K. Papanastasiou, V. Triantafyllou, Th. Fesatidou, Ν. Chrysikos Konstantoudakis
Radbound University V. Triantafyllou
Maastricht University K. Papanastasiou, V. Triantafyllou, Th. Fesatidou
Eindhoven University of Technology D. Mesochoriti, A. Skenderis, Ν. Chrysikos Konstantoudakis
University of Twente Ν. Chrysikos Konstantoudakis
Tilburg University A. Papadoloulou, K. Papanastasiou, V. Papaikonomou