Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut


Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut

The educational project “Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut is an international educational challenge, focusing on fitness and nutrition, that encourages students to train like an astronaut.

Overseen by ESERO-UK, the program is supported by the UK Space Agency as well as the European Space Agency and forms part of the program “Eating Healthily at Mandoulides Schools.”

The program is addressed to Kindergarten and all Elementary School students and takes place from March to the end of the school year. During the program, certain actions are conducted according to the children’s age maturity and background knowledge.

Developed in cooperation with space scientists and fitness professionals working directly with astronauts, NASA's “Train Like an Astronaut” activities are a physical and inquiry-based approach to human health and fitness on Earth and in space.

During the pioneering Mission X challenge, our students participate in physical activities modelled after the real-life physical requirements of humans travelling in space.

Thus, our students, depending on their grade, take part in the following actions:

  • What’s your space height (calculation of space weight and height)
  • Energy of an astronaut (compilation of natural food lists that can guarantee the energy an astronaut needs)
  • Reduced gravity, Low fat (distinguishing the harmful fat ingredients included in food products we consume every day)
  • Taste in space (drawing a diagram of the human tongue, demonstrating how different senses can affect our taste)

What is more, our students are involved in the following fitness activities:

  • Agility astro course
  • Base station walkback
  • Build an astronaut core
  • Explore and discover
  • Do a spacewalk
  • Climb a Martian mountain
  • Crew training
  • Jump for the moon

Through this adventurous journey to the amazing world of space, students are not only informed about fitness and healthy eating, but they are also enabled to become the next generation of fitness explorers.

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