8 medals in the 36th Νational Μathematical Οlympiad "Archimedes" 2019

final phase “Archimedes”

8 medals -1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze, were won by Mandoulides Schools Junior-Senior High School students in the final phase “Archimedes” of the 36th National Mathematical Olympiad of the Hellenic Mathematical Society (HMS). We congratulate the 8 medalists and 32 finalists.

The awards are:

1st Place - Gold Medal K. Konstantinidis 8th Grade
2nd Place - Silver Medal A. Giannakis 6th Grade
                     Silver Medal M. Konstantinidu 9th Grade
                     Silver Medal S. Mastoris 11th Grade
                     Silver  Medal Ο. Ploiaridis 12th Grade
3rd Place - Bronze Medal Α. Karavasili 9th Grade
                     Bronze Medal P. Tzartzi 9th Grade
                     Bronze Medal Α. - Ch. Savva 12th Grade

 Total number of distinctions of the top three schools :

MANDOULIDES SCHOOLS 8 Medals: 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze
MORAITIS SCHOOL 4  Medals: 1 Gold, 3 Bronze
ATHENS COLLEGE 3 Medals: 2 Silver, 1 Bronze

We congratulate our 40 finalists:

Junior High School:

Ο. - L. Anemoulis, Α. Giannakis, Μ. Gkanatsa, D. Gkanatsas, Ν. Gkoutzamanis, G. Iakovidis, Α. Karavasili, Α. Kolettas, A. Koumani, Κ. Konstantinidis, Ο. Konstantinidis,

Τ. Konstantinidis, Μ. Konstantinidou, V. Banaka, Κ. Banaka, Α. - Μ. Pampori, Th. Papavramidis, Αth. Papadopoulos, Αnt. Papadopoulos, Α. Papadopoulou, S. Papathanasiou, Μ. Tampou, P. Tzartzi, Α. Tsiorvas, R. Tsiorvas, Α. Filippas.

Senior High School:

Ch. Alvanos, A. Andreadi, D. Vasileiadis, Α. Georgiadis, Ι. Dimoulios, Ch. Karafyllia, Κ. Koutroulis, R. Loumi, S. Mastoris, Α. Papazikos, Ch. Pilianidis, Ο. Ploiaridis, Α. - Ch. Savva, P. Chalimourdas.

It is worth noting that 89 Mandoulides Schools excelled in phase A “Thales” and 40 students in phase B “Euclid”.