3rd Grade at Konstantinidis bookstore

Students of the 3rd grade of mandoulides schools with colored words covering their facesa

It was with great pleasure that the students of 3rd Grade accepted the invitation of writer Elena Artzanidou to the presentation of her new book “Come with Me!” (Psychogios Publications) at Konstantinidis bookstore.

This is a special story that deals with the true childhood friendship that develops between a girl and a boy. The author uses simplicity, humor and tenderness to convey the message of diversity among people, as well as acceptance and respect. At the same time, she skillfully manages to restore the stereotypical perceptions of the social role of the two sexes.

Inspired by the book, the children presented a short theatrical performance entitled “The Main Ingredients of a True Friendship” and dedicated to the writer a song about the power of friendship. Finally, they talked about the value of true friendship, the one that defies stereotypes and brings people closer.