“Book Partners” for 3rd Grade

Students of the 3rd grade of mandoulides schools on the stage, wearing costumes and looking at the crowd clapping

As part of the Book Partners educational program, the students of 3rd Grade welcomed the agents of the planet and author Eleni Andreadi to the Schools, and showed everyone the secret mission they had undertaken!

Their mission was to save the sea by the next full moon. In a race against time, full of surprises, underwater dives and sea kingdoms, the little environmental agents travelled all around the world and found out what really threatens the sea. They were trained by a select group of agents and learned about overfishing and plastic waste, and the dangers they both pose to the seas. They were also informed about chemical fertilizers, composting waste, the greenhouse gases and the devastating effects they have on our planet.

At the end of the event the writer was delighted to sign her book and chat with the children.