Day Care Center visits Daniilideios Children's Library

Students of the kindergarten of mandoulides schools sitting and listening to teacher at Daniilideios Children's Library

The book is man’s best friend! At Mandoulides Schools, from the tender age of Day Care Center, we try to introduce children to the world of books. A book helps children develop their speech, their imagination, their thinking, even the way they play. It takes them on journeys to magical worlds and helps them understand and deal with their fears and queries in a beautiful way.

Through book-related activities, such as reading books and the lending library, children gradually perceive the importance of books. With this love for books in mind, we decided to visit Daniilideios Children's Library in Kalamaria and get to know their marvelous world.

We saw many books, observed the way they are stacked on the shelves and we were informed about the lending procedure. After that, we learned how carefully we need to use them. We also talked about publishers and writers, and finally, we became illustrators and created our own book.