From Kindergarten to Elementary School

Students of the Kindergarten of mandoulides schools with their faces covered by paper bags and with their teacher on the back

This year's round of Kindergarten visits to the Elementary School has begun! Students of the Kindergarten will have the opportunity to enter the classrooms of 1st Grade, sit at the desks and meet their future teachers. They have already successfully paid the first two visits and received their little bags, in which they will put their first assignments.

Through this program, our Kindergarten students come into contact with the elementary school subjects for the first time, doing a series of activities (language and math exercises, storytelling, experiments). They will also receive a letter from the students of 5th Grade, who will welcome them and promise them that next year, as the seniors in elementary school, they will take care of them. On the last day of the program, on 3 June, the students of Kindergarten will get to know the children of 1st Grade and will freely ask whatever concerns them about the “big” school. In the end, they will hand them the keys to 1st Grade and they will all renew their appointment in September!

The smooth transition of children from kindergarten to elementary school concludes with a meeting, which will take place on Monday, 1 April, 2019 at the Theater of Mandoulides Schools Cultural Center, where Ms. Papadopoulou, 1st Grade coordinator, will present the curriculum and answer all the questions of the parents. We look forward to seeing you!