Virtual Business Program 2019

Virtual Business Program 2019

As part of the “Virtual Business” program, organized by Junior Achievement Greece during school year 2018 - 2019, students of 10th Grade created the company Happilly, set out to improve the daily life of people receiving medication.

The students, now as business executives, developed a handy pill box that runs on electricity and battery, can be placed anywhere in the house or office and is easily transported when traveling. It includes a programmable electronic system that reminds the patient of the time and name of the drug to be taken and is accompanied by detailed instructions for use and a performance guarantee.

The company participated with its own stand in the Northern Greece Virtual Business Trade Fair, which was organized by Junior Achievement Greece and took place at Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki on Friday, 22/02/19.

During the fair, students-business executives presented their company product to the public, distributed promotional material with all the necessary information while digital advertising spots for the product were being displayed at the stand.

The students that took part in the program were: A. Andreadi, D. Argyropoulos, Ε. Gerothanasi, Α. Georgiadis, D. Gkeleris, Ι. Dimoulios, G. Kapalis - Prousalis, Ch. Karafyllia, R. Kiki, D. Koutsogeorgou, E. Baki, Ε. Daountakis, Μ. Xenou, V. Papageorgiou, Α. Stampoulidi, Ι. Symeonidou, Α. Charizona, Ι. Chatzigeorgiou.