The English Garden Easter Egg Hunt

The little students of the English Garden run in the school yard near the climbing wall

Easter has arrived! The Easter bunny did not disappoint us.  He always finds time for us. How could he not? Our children are oh so sweet!

Although we cannot see him, we were sure he would visit.  We waited for him with anticipation and had our wonderful Easter baskets prepared for our delicious chocolate Easter eggs!

A little before Easter break we were informed that we had a surprise! Of course, he did not let us down. There was a hunt to go on!

We all gathered up and started the hunt for the yummy treats that were hidden in the Mandoulides Recreational area and the English Garden playground. The Seeds, Blossoms and Beatles scattered all around, put an effort and successfully found the treats he had brought just for them. What a sight for sore eyes! Our adorable students had a wonderful and memorable time!