Day Care Center End-of-Year Performance “S.O.S. We Have Lost Summer!”

At the Day Care Center End-of-Year Performance, the song “Oh, sweet summer, I can’t get you out of my mind, was sung by Mandoulides Day Care Center students

“Oh, sweet summer, I can’t get you out of my mind. I’m putting on my bathing suit and getting my hat, bucket and sunglasses...”!

This is the song sung by all Mandoulides Day Care Center students, who can’t wait for summer to begin. But something weird just happened!

We have lost summer! We have lost summer? How is that possible? After serious thought and discussion, the children decided to do something about this. They transformed into little sailors, octopuses and crabs, seas and cicadas, island girls and reporters and they created a search group. And they had one target: to find summer and ask it to come back!

All teachers and students of the Day Care Center invited parents, relatives and friends to their performance hoping that they could help them with their search! Their participation and applause finally contributed to a positive outcome in our little students’ effort.