Student N. Konstantinidou in Biology Olympiad

Student N. Konstantinidou (11th Grade) will participate this year in the International Biology Olympiad as a member of the National Team. N. Konstantinidou ranked 3rd in the 15th Panhellenic Biology Competition, which was held in April 2019. She thus goes on to be a member of the National Team that will represent our country in the Olympiad on 14 - 21/ 07/2019 in Szeged, Hungary. The Greek delegation consists of the students that received the 4 highest scores in the Panhellenic Biology Competition.

It worth noting that our students K. Samaras - Tsakiris (Singapore 2012, bronze medal) and E. Konstantinidou (Switzerland 2013, honorable mention) also took part in the Olympiad of Biology in the past. E. Konstantinidou is N. Konstantinidou’s elder sister, so the girls create a sort of family tradition in the subject of Biology!

More generally, Greek students compete every year with about 270 students from 71 countries, who in their home schools, due to a different curriculum, gain more knowledge in biology and are better prepared for the Olympiads. The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) has been taking place for 29 years every July in various countries of the world. Greece, through the Hellenic Association of Life Scientists, has been taking part in the IBO since 2005 and last year it was the eighth time in the past 9 years (and the seventh consecutive) that it gained a distinction, with a total of 13 bronze medals and 7 honorable mentions. We wholeheartedly wish this year's National Team and of course our student N. Konstantinidou the best of luck in the Olympiad!