Corporate Programs 2019


Corporate Programs 2019 have been successfully completed. It is an innovative vocational guidance program that has been implemented for three years by Mandoulides Schools.

Corporate Programs enable participating students to better understand sciences through practical applications and explore their interests in order to choose a related field of study.

Seven senior high school students participated in Corporate Programs this year. For two weeks, the students followed the daily running and organization of innovative businesses, getting to know top executives and established professionals.

At the same time, the participating students prepared specially designed educational projects, tailored to each company's specialization, thus familiarizing themselves with the range and nature of their business activities.

This year the companies that trusted Mandoulides Schools and participated with remarkable interest in Corporate Programs were the following innovative enterprises of Northern Greece:

Epsilon Net 


Aktius law firm 

Samaras & Associates 


We warmly thank the companies for their contribution to the personal and professional careers of our students and look forward to collaborating with them in the future.