Erasmus Days and Multilingualism Day

Erasmus Days and Multilingualism Day

On the occasion of the celebration of Multilingualism and Erasmus Days, as established by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, an event was held at the Cultural Center of the Schools on Tuesday, 15 October 2019, aiming to promote multiculturalism.

During the event, students who took part in the Erasmus+ programs in Lithuania (FuturEU students as Transmitters of Cultural Heritage) and Turkey (Education for Heritage, Heritage for Education) shared with their classmates their experiences from their contacts and the activities in which they were involved in the countries they visited. They also participated in a trivia quiz about the languages ​​of the world and the Erasmus programme countries.

The event continued right outside the theater with dishes, flags and colors from various European countries. Students had the opportunity to taste French croissants, German hot dogs and potato salad, Italian pizza and pasta salad, Greek salad, English donuts and cakes and Spanish tortillas, simply because “Multilingualism is delicious!”

In addition, they had the opportunity to present their projects on multilingualism and create their own multilingual poster by adding their own favorite words in the language of their choice to the “Tree of Words”!

Finally, the students used a poster to write comments on Goethe's famous quote, “He who does not know foreign languages ​​knows nothing of his own!”

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