“Train Your Young Innovator” by Dr. Techniko

Train Your Young Innovator-by-Dr-Techniko

“Train Your Young Innovator” by Dr. Techniko

The “Train Your Young Innovator” program is a unique, innovative, pioneering computer-programming program for elementary school students, created exclusively for the students of Mandoulides Schools by researcher and programmer Mr. Nikos Michalakis.

This year, the students of 6th Grade can acquire through the program the skills all contemporary citizens of the 21st century need, irrespective of their line of work.

As part of “Train Your Young Innovator”, each student will participate in a computer game in which he will play the role of a secret agent. To successfully accomplish his “mission”, the student will need to use knowledge and skills related to computer programming, technology, engineering, physics, mathematics and inventive critical thinking. The story of the game unfolds over 6 episodes and the language of the program is English.

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