28 students excel in UN simulation

28 students excel in UN simulation

4th Panhellenic Student Simulation of UN Committees on Human Rights “Students as Diplomats”

80 Junior and Senior High School students of the Schools took part in the 4th Panhellenic student simulation of UN Committees on Human Rights “Students as Diplomats”, which was organized by the Social Cooperative Enterprise “ROI” at Apostolos Pavlos Schools from 13 to 15 December, 2019.

The students - diplomats negotiated issues regarding the protection and promotion of human rights and learned about the implementation of international UN Human Rights conventions.

They represented specific countries and defended human rights depending on the laws of the country they represented, accepted and respected the arguments and views of other states and developed the right argumentation in order to convince others of their views.

On the last day of the conference the outcomes of the committees were presented and the best speakers – diplomats were awarded.

The following Mandoulides Schools students received distinctions:

Best diplomat award:

E. - Ch. Athanasiadou (10th Grade)

D. Karavasilis (9th Grade)

Ε. Mitrou (10th Grade)

Α. Papazikos (11th Grade)

S. Papathanasiou (9th Grade)

Μ. Triantafyllidis (11th Grade)

Best speaker award:

G. Andronikidis (8th Grade)

Μ. Gkanatsa (9th Grade)O.

Kerameos (9th Grade)

Ε. Daountakis (11th Grade)

D. Dontoulos (11th Grade)

P. Tzartzi (10th Grade)

Α. Tsiorvas (9th Grade)

Honorable mention:

Ν. Angelopoulou (11th Grade)

Ch. Gkini (9th Grade)

Α. Zymonopoulou (9th Grade)

S. Kaproutsou (8th Grade)

Κ. Karagkitsi (9th Grade)

L. Karapatsa (9th Grade)

Ch. Karafyllia (11th Grade)

Κ. Konstantinidis (9th Grade)

Ο. Konstantinidis (9th Grade)

Α. Marmaridou (9th Grade)

Μ. Papazoglou (9th Grade)

Μ. Polyzouli (9th Grade)

Μ. - L. Szamosi – Kalligkatsi (9th Grade)

Ε. Stourna (10th Grade)

Α. Tzellos (10th Grade)