6th Grade Graduation

Aποφοίτηση ΣΤ - Graduation

6th Grade Graduation

The graduation of this year's 6th Grade was special and will surely be unforgettable. After months of being apart owing to the pandemic, the students were able to get back together, overcome adversity, and do their best in a celebration full of emotions and memories. Lyrics that the children themselves wrote, songs and dances took young and older people alike on a trip back to sweet moments from elementary school.

Our students’ six-year course in elementary school has come to an end and a new world -secondary education- is opening up for them! We wish them the best of luck with it!

Despite the difficulties that the pandemic brought before us, we all met again to say goodbye. United as one, like a big family, we overcame every obstacle and bid farewell with emotion to the past. Now, we’re looking forward to the future!

Have a nice summer!