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Theodoros Rodopoulos and Savvas Kamperidis at All Star Basketball Camp 2020

Ροδόπουλος - Καμπερίδης - All Star Basketball Camp

Ροδόπουλος - Καμπερίδης

Theodoros Rodopoulos and Savvas Kamperidis at All Star Basketball Camp 2020

Distinguished and experienced basketball coach, Mr. Theodoros Rodopoulos and Mr. Savvas Kamberidis, former basketball player and current Head Coach of ARIS basketball team, visited the athletes of All Star Basketball Camp 2020 on the Junior-Senior High School premises. The former had his photo taken with the young athletes while the latter became a member of the coaching staff of Mandoulides All Star Basketball Camp for one day. More specifically, Mr. Kamperidis collaborated with the coaches, helped the young players with useful tips and discussed with them the effort and concentration they need to have during training sessions.

All Star Basketball Camp is being held for yet another year at the indoor basketball courts of Mandoulides Schools, on the Kindergarten-Elementary School and on the Junior-Senior High School premises. Coach Dimitris Nikolaidis has been the supervisor of the Camp for years now.


Theodoros Rodopoulos started out as a basketball player at HANTH at the age of 12 and by the age of 24, despite being an international player, he decided to end his playing career and became involved in coaching. He was the Federal coach for six years and won the second place in Europe with the National Children's Team. He has been a member of the USA National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) for 41 years and visits the USA as a coach at least four times a year.

Savvas Kamperidis, a graduate of Mandoulides Schools, was a player in ARIS when the team played in the European final of the ULEB Cup, and has been the team's coach for eight years in a row. This year, he took over as head coach for the first time in his career, as he earned everyone's appreciation for his ethos and skills in a very short time.



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