The announcement of Microsoft Showcase Schools

miscrosoft showcase schools

The announcement of Microsoft Showcase Schools for 2020-2021

For the 5th consecutive year, Mandoulides Schools were selected by Microsoft as Showcase Schools for 2020-2021 for their excellent usage of technology in the classroom.

Mandoulides Schools stood out for their remarkable work at integrating technology and innovation in the modern classroom. More specifically, through innovative mobile and cloud technologies by Microsoft, they managed to enhance the educational procedure by offering students new and more personalized ways of learning, providing them with 21st century skills.

In this year’s announcement by Microsoft regarding many schools, there is a special reference to Mandoulides Schools stating that they made a well-organized and successful transition to distance learning with the use of technology. Furthermore, members of the school community shared their valuable experience with other schools and teachers around the globe through a series of Webinars.

See the full announcement by Microsoft here