7th Grade- Welcome Days

Ημέρα γνωριμίας Α΄ Γυμνασίου

7th Grade- Welcome Days

A few days before the beginning of the new school year, parents and guardians of the 7th grade students had the opportunity to be informed about the curriculum and the rules of school life.

Due to the special conditions created in our country by Covid-19 pandemic, parents and guardians joined the online meeting through zoom.

General Director of Mandoulides Schools, A. Hasioti, began the meeting by referring to the preventive measures taken by the Schools for Covid-19 and the important role of the school in shaping the personality of students and wished everybody a creative and successful year.

The Principal F. Bathrellou presented the curriculum and rules of school life, the methods of teaching and the ‘Studies Abroad’ program which prepares students for higher education abroad.

In addition, the teachers in charge, Th. Zervoudaki and P. Vrani informed parents about the curriculum and the way the Greek and Maths lessons are taught.

Then, I. Daountakis, Vice Principal of High School, referred to the innovative programs of the Schools, the use of new technologies by students and teachers and, in particular, the program "Educational Technology 1: 1" which makes technology a necessary skill for students' progress.

Finally, F. Bathrellou, presented the school staff teaching in 7th grade and wished for a wonderful year. In addition to that, she specified how important cooperation is to a creative and constructive year.