2nd - 6th grade Induction Days

Elementary School - Welcome Days

2nd - 6th grade induction days

A few days before the beginning of the new school year, parents and guardians of the elementary students had the opportunity to be informed about the curriculum and the rules of school life. Due to the special conditions created in our country by Covid-19 pandemic, parents and guardians had to join the online meeting through zoom.

The trailblazing and innovative programs of our Schools, the teaching methods and the way modern technology is integrated in the Elementary school with emphasis on the use of interactive whiteboards in higher level grades, were some of the main points specified in this meeting.

Principal of the Elementary School, Ch. Bossi and Vice Principal, G. Hatzopoulos began the meeting and wished for a wonderful and smooth year. In addition to that, they hoped for a cooperative relationship with parents throughout the school year as this is very important in building an effective relationship for a creative and constructive year.