Covid-19 in…the Classroom! Students as …. Germ - Busters

Germ - Busters

Covid-19 inthe Classroom! Students as …. Germ - Busters

The students of the 2nd Grade started off the new school year by inaugurating a  program named Stream Steps by energetically participating in an activity entitled: «Germs…be aware! Germ Busters in action».

As part of the activity, our young students, once informed about the microcosm and the great number of germs, viruses and bacteria that surround us, they experienced the way these microorganisms spread to humans.

In an entertaining way and more importantly through their art work, our students realized the importance of protective measures and how effective they are in controlling the spreading of the disease in our days.

Fully adapted to the recent epidemiological conditions, through the specific program students had the opportunity not only to enjoy themselves and spend their time creatively, but also to gain valuable knowledge for their every day lives.