Kindergarten celebrates the 28th October anniversary  

Τα Nήπια γιορτάζουν την Επέτειο της  28ης Οκτωβρίου - 28th October anniversary  

Kindergarten celebrates the 28th October anniversary  

October 28th was celebrated by the Kindergarten students in their classrooms. The children celebrated by waving flags, singing songs and reciting poetry whilst feeling great pride for their country.

Students had the opportunity to talk about the 28th anniversary with Fasoulis and his friends, Melisia the giraffe and Gibert the monkey who came to our Kindergarten.

Reference was made to the historical events of that time and students saw photos and paintings depicting those heroic days.

They listened to a speech and dramatized the big "OHI" of the Greeks. They made flags, learned songs and poems. They also talked about war and peace and made posters.

While in their classrooms in order to commemorate this day and with their classmates as an audience, the students paraded with pride and enthusiasm and recited poems about the flag, Greece, and the heroes of 1940.

They wanted to share all these things with you!