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A book about Theodore’s dreams

A book about Theodore’s dreams

The 1st Grade students met the sly fox, who managed to trick and fool the forest animals, in the pages of the book they read in their virtual classroom, called “The Fox Dressmaker” by Christina Ntouma.

The children talked about the power of forgiveness and made a card in the shape of a little fox, to apologise to the forest animals. During the Theatrical Play lesson, they practiced role-playing, in order to get closer to the concepts of exploitation and the values of sincere penitence and justice, fostering their critical thinking.

The book’s purpose is the gift of life itself, by reinforcing the battle the Ntoumas family faced in order to reach the cure for their son Theodore.  The story managed to touch our young students through the messages it sends and made them feel sensitive to Theodore’s dreams.

A great percentage of the profits from the book sale will be donated towards Theodore’s treatment.

You can find more information on the website for Theodore

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