Fundraising campaign to donate medical equipment to Ippokrateio Hospital

Fundraising campaign to donate medical equipment to Ippokrateio Hospital

Fundraising campaign to donate medical equipment to Ippokrateio Hospital

The Administration of Mandoulides Schools, together with the Cultural Athletics Association Evangelos Mantoulidis (MAS Mandoulides), so as to support the urgent national fight against the COVID-19 virus – and specifically to target the struggle of Greece’s medical and nursing staff to care for those the virus has affected – have begun a fundraising campaign to purchase medical equipment for the 3rd University Pediatrics Clinic of Ippokrateio Hospital in Thessaloniki.

The 3rd University Pediatrics Clinic of Ippokrateio Hospital serves critically ill children – infants to 14 years old – from throughout Northern Greece, including children suffering from COVID-19 virus. The Clinic is also responsible for the Home Care program that supports children with severe disease or disabilities. To date, Home Care has treated 248 children with serious health problems, making possible a safe return to their homes, always with the co-operation and supervision of medical teams at the Clinic.

Mandoulides Schools’ aim is to raise the amount of € 30,000 in order to equip the Clinic with:

  • Ventilators to deliver high flow oxygen administration and high flow oxygen therapy. (Price per unit: € 4,340)
  • Vital Functions Monitors. (Price per unit € 2,083)
  • Professional Pulse Oximeters for non-invasive measurement of oxygen levels in the blood. (Price per unit: € 1,150)

This equipment will be used to cover the needs of children affected by COVID-19, as well as for the support of children with other severe diseases or disabilities.

This is your chance, during the Christmas season that brings all of our hearts together, to help our doctors and nurses offer lifesaving medical care, quality of life, and security to the children of Northern Greece and their families who face such grave difficulties.

To donate this urgently needed medical equipment to Ippokrateio Hospital, let’s all make a gift - each of us according to our means - so that together we can reach and even surpass our goal. Every gift counts! We thank each and every one of you for your giving spirit and for your generosity.

As we all realize, the need for medical equipment in the face of the pandemic is immediate and urgent, and time is short. We therefore kindly ask you to join this effort as soon as possible, and submit your donation to the following account by 15/01/2021:

Bank:             ALPHA BANK
IBAN:            GR6401403190319002002004019
Reason:         Donation of Equipment to Ippokrateio Hospital

We would like to thank you for your support in our effort to help those who are on the frontline during these difficult times and, above all, to help children keep smiling.

We hope that the New Year finds us all healthy, strong and with a greater sense of solidarity!