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Christmas time with Special Stories… for our Junior and Senior High School Students

Χριστούγεννα με ιστορίες ξεχωριστές…

Χριστούγεννα με ιστορίες ξεχωριστές…

Christmas time with Special Stories… for our Junior and Senior High School Students

Dear diary,

Once upon a time, there was a persistent and imposing gentleman known as “covid-19” who significantly influenced our every- day life. He would force us to stay indoors, stay away from our loved ones and, above all, he would not allow us to go to school.

However, Mandoulides Schools, found a way to deal with this gentleman by building a communication bridge with us online. Not only has our school kept us company, but it maintained all its educational activities just as if a day had not gone by. As part of these activities, our school organized an event called…


… which is an innovative program helping High School students acquaint themselves and interact with eminent Greek writers, like Stella Kasdagli, Manos Kontoleon and Eleni Priovolou.

Starting Tuesday 15 December and until Friday 18 December 2020, we had the chance to meet and talk to writers who have produced some important works of literature by extending to them our philosophical questions about life and their literary work. This process is valued by us as an important step towards promoting our frequent contact with books and literature.

At the same time, we were enchanted by the simplicity and directness of their way of speaking and by their humble presence. They seemed just as eager to narrate their personal stories, laugh at our jokes and immerse themselves to what we felt we wanted to express from our point of view.

We all came together as a group of friends. Us, students and teachers from Istanbul along with the writers, we all read excerpts from Christmas stories, we pondered and laughed together, showing that despite the distance between us, literature can still bring us all together as one.

And since we couldn’t get enough, we have made another appointment for the year 2021, promising to one another that even if that strange gentleman “covid-19” is still out there, we will keep on doing creative things and we will completely disregard him…

…so as to teach him a lesson!

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