Interim Grades Scholarship Examinations 2021 - 2022

8th - 12th Grade Scholarships

8th - 12th Grade Scholarship Examinations 2021 - 2022

The Scholarship Exams for 8th, 9th grade students and Senior High School students will be held on Thursday, June 17 2021 at 09:00 on the Junior - Senior High School premises (12th klm. National Road Thessaloniki - N. Moudania). The selection process for the in between classes scholarship will be completed when the students who excel undergo an oral interview on Tuesday, June 22nd and Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021.

Applications and CVs of candidates will be accepted until Friday, June 11, 2021. Please click HERE.



Students of E. Mandoulides Schools as well as other private and public schools can take part in the exams.
Courses Tested
The students will be examined, on the syllabuses of the class they will attend during the school year 2021 - 2022, in the following subjects:
8th - 9th Grade:

  1. Modern Greek Language and Mathematics

10th Grade:

  1. Modern Greek Language and Mathematics

11th Grade:

  1. Modern Greek and Ancient Greek (Orientation Courses A)
  2. Modern Greek Language and Mathematics (Orientation Courses B

12th Grade:

  1. Modern Greek Language and Ancient Greek Language (Orientation Courses A)
  2. Modern Greek Language and Mathematics (Orientation Courses B and D)
  1. 12th Grade: Modern Greek and Biology (Orientation Courses C)


After the examination results are released, parents/legal guardians of the selected students must submit to the Secretariat of the Junior-Senior High School the following documents:

  • Copy of transcript or graduating certificate for the previous school year
  • E1 - Tax Return Form for the previous year
  • Π - Taxation Notice of Assessment for the previous 3 years
  • ΕΝΦΙΑ - Single Property Tax for the previous year.


  • Student selection criteria are:
  • Excellent academic performance, above 18 in the examined courses.
  • General Average score higher than 19.
  • Outstanding conduct
  • Distinctions in regional, national and international competitions
  • Participation in activities and programs
  • Financial status of the family. The family income should not exceed € 40,000.
  • Interview by a three-member committee consisting of teachers of respective disciplines with the examined courses (philologist, mathematician and a member of the administration of the Schools)



Previous years’ topics can be found HERE.



Parents who wish to become acquainted with Mandoulides Schools may book an appointment for an online orientation tour.

  • For Greek click HERE
  • For English click HERE


On the day of the exams, the students must have with them one of the following documents:

  • Certificate of Identity
  • Identity Card
  • Passport