Christmas time with Special Stories… for our Primary School Students

Χριστούγεννα με ιστορίες ξεχωριστές…

Christmas time with Special Stories… for our Primary School Students

Just before the beginning of the new year, all the students of all classes of Mandoulides Primary School went on a journey into the magical world of books and stories. The students met famous Greek authors within their digital classrooms during the event “Christmas with Special Stories…”. The authors narrated their stories, in their own special way, answered their questions, shared their thoughts and made wishes for the new year.

Both students and teachers managed to overcome the difficulties with their good will, cheerfulness and the help of modern technology. Our virtual classrooms reminded us of how our classrooms used to be.

The children, in the roles of experienced journalists, posed difficult questions to the authors. At the same time, their spontaneous and truthful wishes for a peaceful, healthy and happy new year, touched everyone’s hearts. All their thoughts and aspirations were depicted in their wishes.

First Grade

The First Grade students talked with the author Loti Petrovits - Andritsopoulou, who presented her book “Christmas and New Year Nights” (Saiti Publications). The author narrated her story, answered

the students’ questions and was moved by the innovative digital posters full of wishes for the new year that the first graders dedicated to her.

Second Grade

The Second Grade students met Maria Papagianni online and spoke about her book “The Christmas when Everything Changed” (Pataki Publications). They spoke about the folkway goblins, presented videos of their own artistic creations they also dedicated a digital tree with wishes for the new year along with a Christmas card to the author.

Third Grade

The Third Grade students had the chance to meet Sophia Mandouvalou within their virtual classrooms and talk about her book “The Night Love was Born” (Metechmio Publications). The book gave them the inspiration to compose love themed haiku poems. They dedicated drawings that show the power and importance of love to the author.

Fourth Grade

The author Stelios Pelasgos visited the Fourth Grade students and presented his new book “Kalikantzarologia - Kalikantzarodioktiki” that talks about folkway goblins (Pataki Publications). The students posed questions about the characters of the book, the goblins, and dedicated their drawings to him, in the form of a digital book (anyflip).

Fifth Grade

The Fifth Grade students welcomed Sophia Zarabouka and talked with her about the miracle of Christmas and discussed about the deeper meaning of Christmas, especially nowadays. They also became familiar with the steps an author takes, from the moment of inspiration to the time when the ideas are written on paper and to when the book is finalized.

Sixth Grade

The Sixth Grade students spoke with the author Vasili Papatheodorou. Using his book “Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus Exists” (Kastanioti Publications) as a basis, they discussed the existence of Santa Claus and the importance of his presence in our lives. At the same time, Christmas and New Year’s traditions and customs were presented by the students of Zografeio Senior High School.

Sister School Partnerships

The Greek schools of Imvros and Istanbul were also present at the event. More specifically, the students of the following schools shared the moments with us:

  • The Elementary School of Imvros
  • The Elementary School of Ζappeio
  • The Elementary School of Prigkipo
  • The Junior-Senior High School of Zografeio
  • The Junior-Senior High School of  The Great School of the Nation

All the students from our sister schools literally absorbed the stories of the authors and the morals they conveyed. They dreamt and travelled with us in hope of a peaceful and creative new year.

The pandemic may have altered our everyday lives, keeping us apart from our friends and loved ones, but it doesn’t have the right – especially for children – to stop us from dreaming. We can succeed in life but only if we keep dreaming. Initiatives on events like this one, brighten up our everyday lives and urge us to keep dreaming!