Our Second Graders "give wings" to Theodore's dreams

Χνούδη - Χριστίνας Ντούμα

Our Second Graders "give wings" to Theodore's dreams

Our 2nd Graders had the opportunity to meet a special hero named Fluffy, by reading the book written by Christina Douma, during the Love Reading Program (Philanagnosia).

Fluffy, the small and cowardly bunny of the forest, suddenly gained the reputation of the fearless and brave warrior, when one spring morning he unfortunately met on his way the terrible and wild lion. From that day onwards, a legend was created around him. His fame was spread quickly to all the animals of the forest, something that - without a doubt - was a burden to our little hero, as if one had met him and had not heard anything about his achievements, one would not be impressed by his appearance.

Browsing through the pages of the book, our young students were puzzled over concepts such as honesty, humility, the struggle between truth and lie, justice and genuine friendship, while in the lesson of Theatre Studies they dramatized roles, giving their own interpretation to the story. At the same time, they prepared posters with the messages of the story and the values that Fluffy awakened in the minds and souls of all of us.

This book aims to give life, financially strengthening the struggle of the Dοuma family for the treatment of their 25-year-old son, Theodore, who suffers from the extremely rare and deadly Batten disease. Much of the proceeds from the sale of each of Christina Douma's books are used to raise the amount required for Theodore's life-saving trip to the United States.

You may find more information about Theodore on the website https://www.theodoresmiracle.org/