My last respects to the beloved teacher of my soul

My last respects to the beloved teacher of my soul

Our honourable and worthy principal of Mandoulides Primary School Mrs. Eleni Kipourou, our beloved Mrs. Nitsa, is no longer with us today!

She was always there for all of us!

For her family and children, who lost their father at a very young age she became a courageous mother with remarkable endurance.

She was a beacon of light for her students, a valuable helper and supporter.

She stood by her colleagues and associates, without a trace of selfishness and personal ambition, with a strongly harmonized sense of justice, morality and wisdom.

She was an exceptional advisor and a competent colleague to Mr. Evangelos Mandoulides, the visionary and founder of Mandoulides Schools. She stood by him with her valuable experience, representing the same moral standards and values from the very first day of the founding of the Schools and gave him her full support.

She became “my person” and stood by me, when I was called to take on a role at the school, while being a young and inexperienced mother. She was always there for me, embraced me with decency and understanding and filled me with confidence, optimism and hope.

I was taught a lot by her! I owe her even more!

She was the favourite teacher of my soul!

She always stood by us all and will stay in our hearts forever!

Her memory is eternal!