Robotixlab online video game project

Robotixlab online video game project

The students of the Robotics Club Robotixlab created their own story after brainstorming.

The heroes of each story were drawn by the children in a 3D drawing program and printed on a 3D printer. They then developed an arcade video game based on their script and starring their hero on a Microsoft platform.

At the same time, each student was invited to present his idea, in order to convince the audience to support him (elevator pitch).

This is what the students of 5th Grade said about their participation in this project:

  • “It is an amazing project! I feel happy with what I do in Robotics ", Gianna
  • "Perfect and creative activities for every child!", Elizabeth
  • "Every child would like to try the educational activities we do at Robotixlab!", Elpida
  • "Even though the schools are closed, we are having a great time!", Alkinoos

All these things and many more happen in the distance learning courses that Robotixlab designed exclusively for the students of Mandoulides Schools.