A visit of the First Grade students of the Primary School to the "Museum of Greek Education"

A visit of the First Grade students of the Primary School to the "Museum of Greek Education"

As part of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek Revolution, the students of First Grade virtually visited the "Museum of Greek Education" and experienced a different touring experience.

The aim of the tour was for the young students to get in touch with the history of Greek education in an experiential and interactive way, going beyond the boundaries of the online classroom. So, they all traveled back in time and visited a classroom of the past.

The students got to know the things students of the past used in the classroom, explored the maps on the walls of the classroom, the old desks and the blackboard and learned about the way of teaching the students of that time. They observed the

students' uniforms, books and bags, while they had the opportunity to formulate their questions and compare the educational habits of the past to those of the present.

In addition, they visited the hall of the Museum dedicated to Aesop and learned about its myths through images that adorn its walls.

They met the cunning fox, the lion, the king of animals, but also the little mouse that, although small in size, proved to be a valuable helper, while they discovered the deeper meaning of each myth through discussion.

At a time when it is impossible to visit and attend educational programs in the country's museums, our students had the opportunity to live a different experience.

By actively participating, they managed to have fun, but also to acquire valuable knowledge about education in Greece during the years of the Revolution.