Easter has arrived!

Τι κι αν η πανδημία δεν μας επιτρέπει να είμαστε στις σχολικές μας αίθουσες; Τα παιδιά πάντα ξέρουν να καλωσορίζουν την άνοιξη και το Πάσχα με πρωτότυπους τρόπους! - Easter has arrived!

Easter has arrived!

What if the pandemic does not allow us to be in our classrooms? Children always know how to welcome spring and Easter in innovative ways!

The First Grade students of the Primary School are looking forward to welcoming the "Easter with the red eggs". Guided by the calendar for the coming Holy Week, they are preparing for Easter. During our online lessons, our little artists had fun preparing a bunny - basket, to place eggs or whatever else they want in them, with great imagination and creativity, as well as a decorative wreath with eggs. They also made and decorated their little chick.

In the STREAM - STEPS class they painted and decorated the Easter eggs in their online classroom, according to the traditional custom, in innovative ways! The children used a coffee filter as well as construction paper and created the most imaginative eggs! The result is amazing!

Hopefully next year we can make creative things in our classrooms!

Happy Easter!