SAT Exams 08/05/2021

ΕΞΕΤΑΣΕΙΣ SAT 08/05/2021

SAT Exams 08/05/2021

We would like to inform you that for those of you who have applied for the SAT exams, on Saturday, 08 May 2021, it will be necessary to bring the Negative COVID-19 Test Declaration signed and in paper.

Without this declaration, you won’t be permitted to enter the exams centre.

The diagnostic COVID-19 test must be conducted within 24 hours before the SAT exams in case it concerns a self-test, or within 72 hours, in case it concerns a rapid test or PCR.

In order to move to and from Mandoulides Schools, you will need the Certificate of Citizens’ Movement.

We would like to remind you that the use of masks in Mandoulides Schools facilities is mandatory.