Participation of Mandoulides Schools in the show ‘Synthesis’ of SKAI TV

Tα Εκπαιδευτήρια Ε. Μαντουλίδη συμμετείχαν στην επιτυχημένη συμπαραγωγή της Microsoft και του ΣΚΑΪ με τίτλο «Synthesis»

Participation of Mandoulides Schools in the show ‘Synthesis’ of SKAI TV

Mandoulides Schools were selected to participate in the successful co-production of Microsoft and SKAI TV entitled "Synthesis", as they stood out for their flexibility, adaptability and readiness during the pandemic.

Not only did they transfer the lessons to the digital classrooms but they also organized a series of important activities in order to keep the door open to knowledge and creation.

The honour and recognition of the Schools is high.

In the 1st episode, "Envisioning the future", which aired on SKAI TV on May 30, 2021, Dr. Aspasia Chasioti, General Director and Senior High School Principal, participated.

You may watch excerpts from the show HERE.

You may watch the whole first episode HERE.

The pandemic has driven us faster towards a new digital era, changing the facts and conditions in most parts of our lives.

The new reality that is created and the important role of technology is presented, mapped and analyzed through the three new episodes of "Synthesis" with Pavlos Tsimas. Leading thinkers, scientists, politicians and people in the business world, offer a fruitful dialogue for our common future in this new digital era.

More information about the 3 episodes and the participants HERE.